At the Quarter Circle Ranch we are very selective of our breeding stock. Only the finest Morgan and Arabian bloodlines have been chosen to produce the charismatic and versatile Morab.

We breed only the finest mares to top stallions. The mares and stallions have been selected for golden minds and top-notch conformation minds that are quiet and responsive to being handled, coupled with powerful, agile bodies. These horses have the strength of mind, character, and heart to perform, topped off by a fluid and agile way of going.

The breeding stock is initially selected for their overall balance, powerful hind quarters and loins, good sloping shoulders, outstanding bone and hoof structure, broad chests and well-sprung ribs. Their heads are finely chiseled. Large, kind eyes are set in a broad forehead.

But that isn't all. The combination of the two breeds brings out the best of their disposition: the Arabian breeding brings intelligence and responsiveness, while the Morgan brings the versatility of the working ranch horse. The end result is a Morab, a relaxed, common sense type of horse, dependable, affectionate, and calm.

Our horses are raised in their natural environment, spending most of their days freely running and grazing in large pastures, and drinking from spring-fed streams. In this environment, the foals are allowed to develop their natural balance and agility and the more forward moving nature of an unconfined animal. They are fed only the best of natural feeds, supplemented with the necessary minerals and seaweeds.

While they are allowed extensive periods of freedom, the foals and yearlings are also confined for brief periods during their first years and taught their stable manners; how to lead, load into a trailer, have their hooves trimmed, among other expected day-to-day activities of a young, manageable horse.

Alberta Morning-Glory
A personable filly bred and raised on Quarter Circle Ranch.

As three-year-olds their training becomes more extensive. Our young horses start in the round pen and then on to the trail where they learn to negotiate all types of terrain including bridges and creeks. Out on the trail they develop an understanding of working in the open, outside the confines of an arena. As they learn to accept the saddle and bridle, they are gently encouraged in leg yielding, collection, and stops (both in the arena and on the trail).

Our goal is to establish a firm foundation, a versatile, responsive, adaptable, and useful horse ready to take on further challenges.

Our family has studied with some of the best Western instructors in the world. We follow the basic training techniques of the Canadian Equestrian Federation, a respected and highly regarded Canadian standard.

We have lifelong experience in breeding, training, working, and showing horses, using consistently successful training and handling methods. One of our favorite pastimes is riding in the wilderness particularly in Alberta's mountains. Overnight trips help us to know our horses better and to establish a relationship of trust. This allows us to produce outstanding Morabs, which we can later match to the right rider.

The Breeding
Alberta Legend is a two-year-old Morab, ready to begin his training.

The Crabbet Arabian breeding is one of classic beauty and charisma. Certain characteristics set the breed apart from other horses and catch an onlooker's eye: their finely chiseled heads and alert eyes. Their larger-than-average nostrils are an advantage in quick oxygen exchange, earning them the name "Drinkers of the Wind" from the Bedouin.

The Crabbet horse is sensitive, responsive, and possesses great stamina. Its physical structure is one of power, good legs, strong croup and loins, and deep heartgirth. They are a versatile horse, proven high achievers as working ranch horses, cutting horses, endurance horses, reining horses, and other disciplines.

While a high achiever, the Crabbet Arabian is sensitive and gentle enough to provide a child with a quiet ride.
The Working Ranch (Western) Morgan is a strong, beautiful, and functional horse. The dominant trait of a Western Morgan is common sense. The ability to think its way out of a difficult situation has been bred into these horses.

This quality enables them to negotiate tough terrain and outmaneuver unpredictable cattle. They also excel at cattle penning and cutting. The Western Morgan is a determined horse, with the ability to get the job done.

The resulting Morab is a personable, strong, and thinking horse with great endurance, sensitive to its rider's requests, and capable of performing well under pressure and in difficult circumstances.

We're very excited about the results of the cross between the Working Ranch Morgans and the Crabbet Arabian. We welcome your comments and will respond to all requests for more information.



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